Electric cosmetics chair SILLON Lux 3 engines gray, gray base

Electric cosmetics chair SILLON Lux 3 engines gray, gray base

Lux chair. Perfectly planned functionalities make these models ideal for a wide range of procedures in professional surgical institutions. Their modern appearance and elegant details allow them to fit into practically any interface.

The electrical cosmetics chair Lux 273B is equipped with 3 drives operated by a remote control remote control remote on the trois. Simulation and adaptation to individual needs greatly facilitates the implementation of different procedures. A characteristic elegant separating the simplicity makes this chair attractive to any specialist office.


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Free remote control remote control setting

By means of an intuitively understandable remote control of the chair in three planes, it has a adjustable height and a back and leg stand angle. This allows for free positioning in accordance with the procedure currently under way, which affects both user comfort and the person performing the service.

Functions facilitating the use

The seat height shall be adjusted between 65 cm and 84 cm, and in the fully degraded condition the chair shall be longer than 2 metres long. These dimensions allow easy use of equipment to people of different growth and enable it to adapt to the needs of both the client and the person performing the procedure. On the right side of the seat there is a special metal holder for the suspension of the remote, which greatly facilitates its storage and makes it always in hand.

Suitable seat and comfortable submarines

A pretty broad seat will make it comfortable with long procedures. The submarines are moving in a range of 180 degrees, thus facilitating effective seating on the chair and providing easy access for the person conducting the procedure. If necessary, they can be easily and quickly dismantled.

Procedures for both the person and the body

The head restraint is being proposed to help adapt the equipment to the needs of users of different growth, ensuring stable head support during procedures. The hidden back of the head restraint and the possibility of free placement of the equipment in the " knive " position greatly enhances its functionality to service the person and body. This allows for the implementation of various types of procedures, including cosmetics, physiotherapy or tattoos, without problems. The solutions applied greatly enhance the user-friendliness and efficiency of work.

Classic, valuable cosmetical chair model.

The chair is filled with a foam of appropriate rigidity and has a grey shade of artificial skin. Using material that is easy to maintain clean and which is resistant to selected disinfectants, equipment is conveniently used, resistant to moisture and easily urine. A solid base of solid gray material ensures sustainability during procedures. The decorational wooden elements on submarines are emitting chairs among other models as visually attractive, elegant accent. The rightly sprouted edges give the chair a stylish view and make the seat an ergonomic.

The detailed dimensions of the chair are presented in the photo.

In the kit, the seat with the base, the wire remote, the power unit.


Type: Electrical

Number of transmissions: 3

Basic colour: gray shades

Rinder: gray shades

Surface material: artificial leather

Seat Filling:


Power: 150 W

Tension: 220-240 B

Safeguards: 12 months

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