MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMBINE 14in1 - 27 treatment options
A multifunctional unit that combines the main cosmetology devices needed in every office. For face and body care. A large number of functions in one device while maintaining a relatively small size makes it a good solution for beauty salons and spas.
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Pro Ink 603B black tattoo chair
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Professional chair for tattoo studio
Very advanced, adjustable in many planes, giving unlimited adjustment possibilities, giving comfort to both artist and tattooist.
The chair is upholstered in easy-to-clean eco-leather.
Adjustable height, footrests, armrests, backrest,
The dimensions of the chair in the reclining position:
Height from 61 to 79 cm.
The length of 206cm
Width with armrests 74cm.
The width of the armrest 10 cm
The thickness of the seat 10 cm.
Weight 65 kg
tray dimensions 139*80*84 cm
Vapozone Giovanni D-20 black
Giovanni is a brand specializing in practical equipment for beauty salons and beauty parlors, offering, among others, cosmetic furniture and vases. The high durability, ergonomics and functionality of the products provide users with comfort and convenience.
The ideal device to enhance beauty treatments
The Giovanni D-20 multifunction steamer is a highly efficient appliance that is ideal for any beauty salon. It produces steam that stimulates the skin to clean itself and prepares it for further beauty treatments.
Gabbiano Imperator black hairdressing chair
If your salon offers beard care, we can offer the perfect piece of furniture for your barbershop. IMPERATOR barber chair. A comfortable chair with a wide range of adjustments will provide maximum comfort for both the person performing the procedure and the client of the salon. The chair can adjust not only the height. We can comfortably adjust the tilt of the backrest. length of the footrest and headrest. Armchair HIMPERATOR is not only comfortable and easy to adjust, but also extremely stylish design. It will fit perfectly into interiors decorated in antique style. Perfectly finished. Even the smallest details are executed with great precision. Beautiful upholstery with original texture.
Lafomed autoclave LFSS03AA LCD 3 L class B medical black
Lafomed is a high-end brand of autoclaves that has won recognition in more than 50 countries around the world. Autoclaves comply with all medical standards and directives. These devices are characterized by a low failure rate. Their microprocessors use the latest generation of electronic modules. Lafomed autoclaves are highly efficient and durable, and their operation is simple and intuitive.
Disposable nitrile diagnostic and protective gloves Easycare nitrile Blue size S blue 100 pcs
easyCARE Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves are made from latex- and protein-free synthetic rubber. This has a positive effect on the comfort of work of people who are sensitive to latex proteins and latex itself. The delicacy of the material and its appropriate thickness provide excellent feel, comfort and flexibility to users while reducing hand fatigue. Nitrile gloves are highly resistant to abrasion and punctures. Does not contain powder, which eliminates skin irritation. They are ideal for dental and veterinary offices, laboratories, beauty and barber shops or for home use. Approved for food contact.
Aroma Diffuser Spa Humidifier 10 Dark Wood 400 ml + Timer
The humidifier is the perfect solution for aromatherapy. Made from quality components, it has a modern, simple shape, so you can easily find a place for it anywhere in the room. You will love both the look and the pleasant smell that emanates from it, effectively purifying the air in the room, being both a calming and relaxing factor.
Gaming chair Premium 557 with footrest, red
Ergonomic gaming chair with footrest is a great choice for anyone who appreciates comfort while playing or working. High quality workmanship and the use of the latest mechanisms provide incredible comfort. The chair is equipped with a backrest adjustment function, which allows you to quickly adjust the backrest to any angle, with the possibility of its full unfolding. The profiled headrest works great as a pillow and supports the neck muscles. You will forget about neck pain even during hours of gaming or computer work.
Technical details:
- Raised footrest
- Contoured armrests
- Contoured seat
- Adjustable back
- Profiled backrest
- Smooth height adjustment
- Support pillows 2 pcs.
- Gas lift seat
Professional paraffin heater with thermostat and temperature display and the ability to work in two modes. Suitable for all types of waxes for depilation in a can, hard wax, dragee (a bucket is attached to the heater, in which hard wax or pearl wax can be melted).
Professional hairdressing  - stable, extremely comfortable, solidly constructed. The modern design makes it a beautiful complement to the equipment of a modern hairdressing salon. A seat with a streamlined shape, made of high-quality, easy-care eco-leather. The silicone head pad stabilizes the customer's head and allows it to be conveniently placed on the washer. White bowl, with the possibility of adjusting its inclination. 
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Modern hairdresser by Gabbiano - a combination of functionality with Italian elegance. The sink is made from the highest quality materials and is beautifully finished. We know how important the comfort of the client is during the procedures, so the special design provides the client with strong head support during the wash. The soft, comfortable seat is covered with high-quality eco-leather. The black color, which contrasts with the metallic shade of the armrests, makes the above sink a versatile element, suitable for almost any interior, regardless of its color.
Stylish barber shop by Gabbiano - a combination of functionality with Italian elegance. Made of the highest quality materials and perfectly finished. We know how important the client's comfort is during treatments, which is why the special design provides the client with a solid head support while washing. The soft, comfortable seat is covered with high-quality eco-leather.