6D. 6-s PNB ombré design brush, nylon
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6D. 6-s PNB ombré design brush, nylon

PNB brushes are docile and "paint themselves". High-quality and wear-resistant synthetic pile is an imitation of a natural colonic pile with perfect elasticity.

Original flat brush is specially designed for ombré design. It allows the nail technician to achieve the highest quality and most attractive results on the nails.

Divided nylon bristles help to create smooth and soft transitions when creating gradient manicures with PNB gel polishes and gel paints.


€6.95 Tax excluded

The brush is easy to hold, it does not change its quality characteristics after a long period of use.

To clean the tool after finishing your manicure it is recommended to use a cleaning solution.

After drying it is recommended to store the brush in an upright position in the special PNB brush holder.

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