UV Gel Polish

UV Gel Polish


Gel polish changed the perception of varnished nails more than ten years ago. With the advent of gel polish on the market, manicure has become truly practical and convenient, because, unlike the results of nail polish, a gel manicure can last more than two weeks without breaking completely!

Gel polish is easily applied with a brush, like regular nail polishes, cures very quickly under a UV or LED lamp, like a gel. Therefore, immediately after applying the gel polish, you can enjoy perfect nails!

Using gel polish

While the procedure seems straightforward, it is not. In order for the gel polish to be applied professionally and correctly, it is worth visiting a certified manicure specialist who knows his job, knows how to prepare a nail plate for gel polish, knows the specifics of working with gel polish, uses only highly effective, high-quality and professional gel polishes and know how to carry out this procedure quickly and most importantly, in compliance with all hygiene requirements.

Of course, gel polish can be used at home, but be patient: it will take not only time, but also knowledge!


You need to do the following:

Scratches on the nail plate. The surface of the nail is rubbed with a soft file. It is important to scrape the entire nail, including the corners, directly next to the cuticle. The nail is rubbed so that the gel polish adheres more tightly and does not flake off at the corners of the nail.

Removing dust from the nail. A special gentle brush removes dust.

Degreasing nails. Use a special liquid to degrease the nail plate. Cotton pads should not be used for this operation, as they can leave invisible dust that can negatively affect the coating of the nails.

Improved adhesion. The tip of the nail is coated with a nail primer that improves nail adhesion with subsequent lubricants.

The basis (base) of the gel polish coating. The nail is covered with one layer of gel polish base, which evens out all the irregularities of the nail plate. After covering the nails with a base, they are inserted under a UV or LED lamp.

Using gel polish. The nail plate is coated with a gel polish of the selected color and then the nails are reinserted into a UV or LED lamp.

Using a top coat of gel polish. Apply top. A UV or LED lamp was used again.

Cuticle nutrition. After the gel polishing procedure, cuticle oil is used to nourish the cuticle.

If you want to learn how to apply gel polish correctly and learn all the subtleties of this procedure, visit the category "Manicure courses".

Assortment of gel polishes

We focus on quality and offer you professional gel polish lines. Our assortment includes PNB varnishes, VALERI varnishes and PNS varnishes, which are already loved by many manicure and pedicure specialists and their clients.

The gel polishes that we sell are distinguished by their quality, durability and a wide choice of colors, which guarantees a flawless look of your nails after the gel polish procedure!

Gel polish on your palette the same day!

You can buy our gel polishes online by choosing convenient payment and delivery methods.

AlleLac Ice Candy Collection 5g Nr.16 / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
Intriguing colors will find their supporters among both classic lovers and fans of spectacular colors.
No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that your manicure will impress with its flawless look. Gentle pastel tones will prove to be great for a formal party as well as for a casual outing with friends.
Hybrid manicure is the most popular type of nail styling. AlleLac Hybrid polishes are the most fashionable high-pigmented colors. They stay on the nail plate even several times longer than traditional polishes.
With their easy application and perfect consistency, AlleLac Hybrid varnishes allow beginners to do manicures as well!
Transfer foil Butterflies 100 cm Nr4
Transfer foil makes it easy to achieve stunning effects. Foil can be applied to your nails as a whole or use its elements to create intricate patterns. Countless interesting patterns will turn your manicure into a real work of art. All you have to do is use a special product, which is foil gel or foil glue!
Impressive decorations with thermal transfer foil? Use countless patterns and be inspired by the original style.
Perfect adhesion for accurate reflection of the smallest patterns.
Easy application.
Ultra-fast decorations with amazing patterns.
DNKa Top No Wipe 12ml (no UV-filters) - Finish coat without sticky layer, 12 ml
Last items in stock
DNKa' non-sticky topcoat without UV filter provides perfect resistance, prevents cracking, chipping and scratching. It has a balanced consistency, closer to liquid, which makes it very well self-levelling and does not sink into the nail cavities. The cream reliably protects nails from mechanical damage, holds the color and produces a long-lasting gloss.
Volume: 12 ml
Black 001 OCHO NAILS 5g / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
Among the advantages of hybrid varnishes, it is worth noting the rich palette of available colors, the ease of making fantasy decorations or strengthening the nail plate. OCHO NAILS hybrid lacquers are distinguished by their appropriate density, intense pigmentation and ease of application . Thanks to them, you will get a beautiful manicure with intense shine and durability up to three weeks.
OCHO NAILS Hybrid Base Plus 102 -5 g
Strong, long and durable nails
OCHO NAILS BASE PLUS reinforcing base provides durability of hybrid manicure and allows to strengthen the natural nail plate. OCHO NAILS BASE PLUS allows to enlarge a nail and even lengthen it up to 10 mm thanks to the unique high density formula. The right consistency allows you to work comfortably and precisely without flooding the cuticle. The high polymer content guarantees damage resistance, resistance to damage for up to three weeks and extraordinary strengthening of the nail plate. Leaves a sticky dispersion, ensuring effective bonding of successive layers. Will also be a suitable base for styling with gels, guaranteeing perfect adhesion.
OCHO Diamonds no wipe Top 110 -5 g
Excellent gloss, durability and varnish resistance
The transparent OCHO NAILS DIAMONDS TOP NO WIPE effectively extends the durability of the manicure , leaving the nails with a high gloss. The product makes the styling more resistant to scratches and chipping and protects against external factors. It does not leave a sticky dispersion layer , so after curing it does not need to be washed with a cleaner. The carefully prepared formula guarantees durability and color saturation , without yellowing the styling. The top is very universal , it will be perfect for finishing hybrid, gel and acrylic manicures.
Extra Base Ntn Premium 5g
The base in the Soak off formula for polishes that forms the basis for hybrid or gel styling. Thanks to its liquid consistency, it spreads beautifully over the nail, enveloping it with an invisible stain, which makes the whole styling durable and extremely resistant to mechanical damage. The base fills small irregularities of the nail plate for a mirror-like styling without imperfections. It adheres firmly to the nail and does not allow the varnish to peel off.
Buff your nail carefully.
Apply a thin layer. Polymerization in LED-lamp UV/LED 90sec.
Apply a coat of gel/hybrid polish and cure in a lamp. Repeat the operation and finish with the top coat.
Dry Top Ntn Premium no wipe 5g
Wrap your hair with the unique No Wipe Finishing Top and enjoy beautiful styling for up to 21 days without chipping or mechanical damage. A durable glossy top with a medium consistency will provide you with comfort in work without running down on the cuticles and shrinking in the lamp.
Dazzle with brilliance and stay shiny without yellowing longer with Ntn Premium. Creates a perfect surface on the nail, thanks to which your styling will be even more perfect. The Soak Off formula guarantees easy product removal in all acetone preparations.
Apply a layer of Top DRY Top to hybrid, gel or acrylic styling.
Curing in UV lamp: 2 min / LED 60 sec (longer curing gives a lasting styling effect)
Ready! Enjoy an amazing shimmering effect on your nails without rinsing!
NTN Premium IMPRESSION NR 255 5g / Soakoff UV/LED Gel, 5 ml
Full of passion, full of color, the NTN Premium Collection is an exceptionally optimistic palette of rainbow colors for warriors who are curious about the world and looking for adventure. If you appreciate unusual and intriguing rich patterns, choose the NTN Premium collection.
Enjoy the moment! Cobalt, orange, hot pink or a combination? Blood red or electrifying, expressive shine? One thing is for sure - the resulting effect is the perfect choice for the most fashionable styling.
0001 DNKa Cover Base 12 ml
DNKa Cover Base - premium quality Korean camouflage bases. Very easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Can be used on its own or for the French technique.
DNKa' Cover Base:
Self leveling;
Allow you to create flawless architecture;
Premium raw materials;
Do not spread;
Provide stability;
Convenient in work;
Valeri Top Non wipe is a topcoat that guarantees high durability, reliably protects the nail plate from damage, chips and cracks. Easy to apply and self-levels on the nail plate. Provides glossy shine and prevents color fading. Does not have a sticky layer.