The top layer of gel polish or, more simply, the top of the gel polish is the means by which the craftsman usually completes the procedure. Its use helps to preserve unchanged gel polish or nail extension for a longer time, as it creates a resistant protective layer and thus protects the nail design from scratches, abrasions or discoloration.

Depending on the needs of the manicure master and his client, it is possible to choose a glossy or matte top layer of gel polish. Whether the top of the gel polish is matte or glossy, its quality does not suffer, as the purpose of this product remains the same - to protect the nail design from external factors.

In our e-shop you will find high-quality gel polish tops for professional use, which are carefully selected and appreciated by manicure masters.

Gel polish top: how to use it correctly?

In order for the nails to look flawless and the nail design to remain without changing its original appearance for a long time, it is important not only to carefully select and use the bottom layer (base) of gel polish, but also the top of the gel polish. So how to properly apply gel polish so that you can enjoy the results even 3-4 weeks after the procedure?

Manicures. The first step towards perfection is a carefully and correctly performed manicure, which affects both the appearance of the nail and the longevity of the results. Old tools should be removed from the nail, the cuticles should be arranged, the shape should be given and the surface of the nail should be scratched. After the procedure, the nail is cleaned with a brush.

Nail preparation for gel varnishing. Special tools degrease the natural nail plate and apply the tip to the primer.

Bottom layer of gel polish. To improve the adhesion between the natural nail and subsequent tools, apply the bottom layer of gel polish and dry in an LED lamp.

Gel varnish. The selected gel polish color is applied to the nail and dried in an LED lamp. Depending on the choice of gel polish, this step can be repeated until the desired result is obtained.

Top layer of gel polish. The top of the gel is carefully applied with a thin layer on the nail, which, depending on the wishes, can give a matte or glossy layer. The nail is inserted under the LED lamp for drying.

Is it necessary to use a gel polish top?

Definitely yes! Gel polish top is a must! Without the use of this product, gel polish or gel can easily scratch and change its original appearance. As a result, the quality of the gel polish or nail extension may suffer.

DNKa Top No Wipe 12ml (no UV-filters) - Finish coat without sticky layer, 12 ml
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DNKa' non-sticky topcoat without UV filter provides perfect resistance, prevents cracking, chipping and scratching. It has a balanced consistency, closer to liquid, which makes it very well self-levelling and does not sink into the nail cavities. The cream reliably protects nails from mechanical damage, holds the color and produces a long-lasting gloss.
Volume: 12 ml
OCHO Diamonds no wipe Top 110 -5 g
Excellent gloss, durability and varnish resistance
The transparent OCHO NAILS DIAMONDS TOP NO WIPE effectively extends the durability of the manicure , leaving the nails with a high gloss. The product makes the styling more resistant to scratches and chipping and protects against external factors. It does not leave a sticky dispersion layer , so after curing it does not need to be washed with a cleaner. The carefully prepared formula guarantees durability and color saturation , without yellowing the styling. The top is very universal , it will be perfect for finishing hybrid, gel and acrylic manicures.
Dry Top Ntn Premium no wipe 5g
Wrap your hair with the unique No Wipe Finishing Top and enjoy beautiful styling for up to 21 days without chipping or mechanical damage. A durable glossy top with a medium consistency will provide you with comfort in work without running down on the cuticles and shrinking in the lamp.
Dazzle with brilliance and stay shiny without yellowing longer with Ntn Premium. Creates a perfect surface on the nail, thanks to which your styling will be even more perfect. The Soak Off formula guarantees easy product removal in all acetone preparations.
Apply a layer of Top DRY Top to hybrid, gel or acrylic styling.
Curing in UV lamp: 2 min / LED 60 sec (longer curing gives a lasting styling effect)
Ready! Enjoy an amazing shimmering effect on your nails without rinsing!
Valeri Top Non wipe is a topcoat that guarantees high durability, reliably protects the nail plate from damage, chips and cracks. Easy to apply and self-levels on the nail plate. Provides glossy shine and prevents color fading. Does not have a sticky layer.
Matte shade hybrid nail polish!
  Claresa Top Mat No wipe is the perfect manicure finish if:
you care about the dullness of your manicure,
you want to change your nail style,
you do not use decorations that require a sticky dispersion layer.
Creates a matte surface, devoid of any streaks and shimmers,
resistant to paint chipping,
evenly distributed, leveling the surface of the nail.
It does not have a dispersion layer, which means that it does not have to be washed with a cleaning agent.
Top coat mate PNB cashmere effect 8ml
UV / LED Matte Top PNB, 8 ml
Matte coating PNB 8 ml
PNB Powder TOP cashmere effect
UV top matt coating. Used to make a manicure with a velvet-satin effect. Allows you to create unique designs, creating a matte coating texture that contrasts with gloss. UV / LED Matte Top PNB is a great opportunity to give each UV / LED GelPolish color an elegant matte shade.
DNKa Top Bubble (transparent with purple flakes), 12 ml
This DNKa' non-sticky finish with colored polygons is a designer top with an amazing glossy effect. Great for creating designs on both light and dark shades. Perfectly self-levelling, does not yellow, creates reliable protection from mechanical damage, prevents the formation of cracks and chips. Does not rub and does not stain while wearing. Has medium consistency, does not drip under the cuticle. Keeps its flawless appearance for three weeks.
OCHO NAILS Matt no wipe hybrid top 111 -5 g
Fixing manicure with an unobtrusive matte finish
OCHO NAILS TOP MATT NO WIPE, which creates a streak-free matte finish on the nail, is an excellent choice for lovers of satin finish. It will allow you to get a thin and at the same time extremely elegant manicure that will not turn yellow. Does not leave a sticky dispersion layer, therefore, after curing, it does not require rinsing with a cleaning agent. The product protects nails from external factors and makes styling more resistant to scratches and chips. The top is very versatile, it is ideal for finishing hybrid, gel and acrylic manicures.
Top Velor NTN PREMIUM Matte Hema/di-Hema free 5G
Durable top matte. Take your styles to another dimension and enjoy the amazing effect of flawless velor nails. The top perfectly levels, does not flood the cuticle, does not create ugly stripes, and thanks to a specially selected brush, it fits perfectly on the nail plate.
Give your nails a new look! Extremely durable coating that provides a matte look up to 21 days and excellent protection against mechanical damage.
Ingredients: acrylate copolymer, ethylhexyl acrylate, bumetrizole, silicon dioxide.
Shining top with long durability, no sticky dispersion layer.
For lovers of scratch-resistant and high-gloss manicure like a diamond.
PNS Top Coat "French no yellow" 15мл
The top layer of nail polish is suitable for all artificial means (gels, gel-varnishes, polygels, etc.). Provides protection and shine of the artificial layer. Protects against cracks and fissures, prevents fading and changes in light shades, reliably protects French manicures, and white always stays perfectly white.